Monday, 28 August 2017

Lost but Found (3)

3rd day / July 17, 2017

A day for Universal Studio Singapore. I did not very interest visiting this place because that was too childish and that was Rara's wish. But as my mom and my father insisted me to go around with Rara, so I decided to go with Rara and mom, father was busy with his own business and sketch things. And apparently.... I enjoyed my time much in USS, I spent from 1 pm to around 8 pm in the USS, got chances to visit around 7 objects and I just felt I want moreeee, I wanted to go there again :)) ok maybe next time. And the day was just ended and finally I arrived at the hotel at 10 pm.


4th day / July 18, 2017

Last day. We just had times until 11 am because we had our flight at 2 pm. Before we went to the airport we went to Bugis Street to look for some chocolate for souvenirs (again). And after that we went straight to the airport by MRT. We finally arrived in my hometown Yogyakarta at around 9 pm. And my super holiday with all-by-ourselves preparation was over. I felt so happy when I arrived at home and missing my days in Singapore in the same time.


To me, this holiday was really beautiful and lovely. I did not just find myself when we got lost, especially when we got lost in the first day hehehe that was really memorable, I can tell that I was really confused on how to get to Gardens by The Bay because we had to walk but Rara and mom looked so tired, but mom said just continue the walk, and finally we found that building hahaha I was so happy and relieved there, that day my steps were count to around 25.000 steps hahaha I felt so healthy!! 

And then the second day, I really had fun by had the city tour by ourselves, taking a look on the map at the intersection, observing the neighborhood, paying attention on the street's or building's or vehicle's details, there are so many things I can get by walking around. I really wish someday I can make a good plan or design to cities in Indonesia so people won't feel lazy or too hot to walk in the pedestrian way. I also really had good times by gathering informations by myself for taking bus, taking the MRT, there are always be a good lesson from every trip I go to.

And the day in the USS, even though in the first time I was not really interested, I really enjoy the games, and the long queue, and the hot weather, the time I spent there was really tremendous and at the end of the day I found Garrett and Hershey's shops either so that places quite summed up my day as well.

Last, when I arrived in Indonesia, my hometown exactly, I feel really happy and so thankful for the opportunity of travelling with family by our own hands and brains. This kind of travelling really refresh your body, your soul, nourish your heart and brain, and I just realised I have never felt this kind of happiness for a long time. I feel the experience of travelling family and friends are much much much different. When I go with family, there are many more challenges to have patience and compromise with your family attitude, and mostly I can't go too far away because my parents and sister are not really accustomed to walk a lot. Meanwhile when I go with friends, I can go everywhere I want and walk from morning to mid-night, like I have no exhausted feeling. But when I go with my family, I feel I develop myself more, I feel embracing another opinions and views, and I feel really good afterwards. From that time, I really want to go travel to another places, taste the local pride, open up the mind with the new circumstance. Travelling is really, really fun.

See you in the next all-by-myself travel stories!