Friday, 6 January 2017

2017's First Friday Bliss

Hello, it has been a while.

A quite long time to see my blog again since my last appear here back in 2015. Wow, 2 years, what a hiatus. I was not really into writing-world in my college years, compared than in my highschool years. There are few reasons related to it.

First, I don’t really feel really need to write within these years. I felt it was busy enough to think and find any design inspirations to do the tasks and duties in college.  So draw was much important than write your feelings. I assumed that way.

Second, basically I write a lot when I am feeling sad (that is how a melancholy person works in real life). And most of them is caused by a condition of missing family, missing someone you adore, missing bestfriends,  missing hometown, missing place far away and people around, etc. And when I was in highschool, that melancholy feeling run too well everyday. So that is why, I wrote a lot at that time. And now? In college years?  I guess I am practicing my logical thinking mind to work harder than the heart does. So I don’t feel really sad because of having no boyfriend, of being alone, because I work hard on the things I am doing at that time. Ain’t no body got time for drama.

Third, I was lack of any post or writing inspiration. I did not read much except books and journals gave from the lecturer. I guess that was my fault, a very significant fault. And I could really feel it quite lessen my passion to write a lot like I did.

Enough for reasons. After hiatus of 2 years surrounded by no-writing ambience, I realise something is not good and uncomplete when I am not trying to write down some of my thoughts, of my opinions, arguments, or whatever it is. I need to do something to make myself up, recharged, and feel confident with everything within. By doing much write, I can find something that I enjoy to do, makes me think a lot, train myself to write in good manner, ignite me to read more because I need more vocabs to swallow!

May this year I can live more, from within, deep, deep, deep, down the heart.

Xoxo, N.

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