Monday, 16 January 2017

A week without Instagram


2017 has been a good time to start new things to do and to be tried, at least once in your lifetime. There are tons of things I bet we all have and want to do those things, just to let our curious feeling get enough to find the answer. And by new year's beginning, I also have started something quite useful in my life, just for fun, but I guess it quite effective to affect my entire mind and soul. So, I am currently running a personal 'social' experiment upon myself, it is called "getting off your accounts".

First of all, why I started this experiment (which is actually not that experimental thingy), I was pushed by a video in Twitter. The video tells viewers of how my generations; the millennial generations; are the ones who really got affected by internet, technology, gadget, this whole globalisations effects, and social media. It is just not for the body or physically, but also for the way we think, the way we socialise with other humans, and our character as well. If you want to see the whole video, here we go:

Jump on 9:10 directly. Burning, right?

Second, I was attending a seminar about how to deal with kids of millennial generation, how to make them actively play, have interactions, have a real social life, instead of just play games on their the tab or phone. This seminar told me a lot about how interactions with other people gain your sympathy feelings through others, improve your speaking skills, your character on facing many other type of persons, how you respond your surrounding, and many more. Summary is, you can have more skills when you interact with people rather than just getting addictive to your phone.

Those two things I got and experienced are somehow related, and they were happened within a short time. Those two things encourage me to do something meaningful to my mind, that is gaining my self-esteem, self-confidence, reducing my addiction to social media, practice my patience in real life and busy hours, for short I might call it: gaining skills of life in real life. I was directly thinking of, yeah, this person is right, that in this instantaneously world, we need to learn about something that takes time, to learn about patience, to appreciate a process and be happy with your hard work and proud of your self.

So, I am now feeling good by reducing activity on my social media accounts. I am intended to express myself; release more dopamine by natural activity like writing, reading, sketching, having conversations with family, friends, and so on. I had already signed out from my instagram account. Even though it has been running for a week, I am planning to continue this as long as I can, and after this maybe I would continue to the snapchat, path, and another social media accounts I have.

As the result, I had another things to do. I was working on birthday card for my best friend which is quite simple but I feel it is one of good thing I can do and fill my brain than just daydreaming in this holiday season. Here is the result:

Actually there are four cards in a bundle, but this is one of them, and this is my favourite one.
I am doing this by my phone, using a sketchbook app and s pen.

After this, maybe I could make something bigger and more meaningful, and maybe do my final project to make my days be more challenging within this holiday atmosphere. I found that leaving a social media world is not that bad, it doesn't mean you can't go enough with something from within yourself. The skills and dreams you have will always lead you to find happiness with or without gadgets and phones and those things in cyber world. Because they are made in the real world, here underneath your footsteps.

Regards, N.

Friday, 6 January 2017

2017's First Friday Bliss

Hello, it has been a while.

A quite long time to see my blog again since my last appear here back in 2015. Wow, 2 years, what a hiatus. I was not really into writing-world in my college years, compared than in my highschool years. There are few reasons related to it.

First, I don’t really feel really need to write within these years. I felt it was busy enough to think and find any design inspirations to do the tasks and duties in college.  So draw was much important than write your feelings. I assumed that way.

Second, basically I write a lot when I am feeling sad (that is how a melancholy person works in real life). And most of them is caused by a condition of missing family, missing someone you adore, missing bestfriends,  missing hometown, missing place far away and people around, etc. And when I was in highschool, that melancholy feeling run too well everyday. So that is why, I wrote a lot at that time. And now? In college years?  I guess I am practicing my logical thinking mind to work harder than the heart does. So I don’t feel really sad because of having no boyfriend, of being alone, because I work hard on the things I am doing at that time. Ain’t no body got time for drama.

Third, I was lack of any post or writing inspiration. I did not read much except books and journals gave from the lecturer. I guess that was my fault, a very significant fault. And I could really feel it quite lessen my passion to write a lot like I did.

Enough for reasons. After hiatus of 2 years surrounded by no-writing ambience, I realise something is not good and uncomplete when I am not trying to write down some of my thoughts, of my opinions, arguments, or whatever it is. I need to do something to make myself up, recharged, and feel confident with everything within. By doing much write, I can find something that I enjoy to do, makes me think a lot, train myself to write in good manner, ignite me to read more because I need more vocabs to swallow!

May this year I can live more, from within, deep, deep, deep, down the heart.

Xoxo, N.