Monday, 28 August 2017

Lost but Found (3)

3rd day / July 17, 2017

A day for Universal Studio Singapore. I did not very interest visiting this place because that was too childish and that was Rara's wish. But as my mom and my father insisted me to go around with Rara, so I decided to go with Rara and mom, father was busy with his own business and sketch things. And apparently.... I enjoyed my time much in USS, I spent from 1 pm to around 8 pm in the USS, got chances to visit around 7 objects and I just felt I want moreeee, I wanted to go there again :)) ok maybe next time. And the day was just ended and finally I arrived at the hotel at 10 pm.


4th day / July 18, 2017

Last day. We just had times until 11 am because we had our flight at 2 pm. Before we went to the airport we went to Bugis Street to look for some chocolate for souvenirs (again). And after that we went straight to the airport by MRT. We finally arrived in my hometown Yogyakarta at around 9 pm. And my super holiday with all-by-ourselves preparation was over. I felt so happy when I arrived at home and missing my days in Singapore in the same time.


To me, this holiday was really beautiful and lovely. I did not just find myself when we got lost, especially when we got lost in the first day hehehe that was really memorable, I can tell that I was really confused on how to get to Gardens by The Bay because we had to walk but Rara and mom looked so tired, but mom said just continue the walk, and finally we found that building hahaha I was so happy and relieved there, that day my steps were count to around 25.000 steps hahaha I felt so healthy!! 

And then the second day, I really had fun by had the city tour by ourselves, taking a look on the map at the intersection, observing the neighborhood, paying attention on the street's or building's or vehicle's details, there are so many things I can get by walking around. I really wish someday I can make a good plan or design to cities in Indonesia so people won't feel lazy or too hot to walk in the pedestrian way. I also really had good times by gathering informations by myself for taking bus, taking the MRT, there are always be a good lesson from every trip I go to.

And the day in the USS, even though in the first time I was not really interested, I really enjoy the games, and the long queue, and the hot weather, the time I spent there was really tremendous and at the end of the day I found Garrett and Hershey's shops either so that places quite summed up my day as well.

Last, when I arrived in Indonesia, my hometown exactly, I feel really happy and so thankful for the opportunity of travelling with family by our own hands and brains. This kind of travelling really refresh your body, your soul, nourish your heart and brain, and I just realised I have never felt this kind of happiness for a long time. I feel the experience of travelling family and friends are much much much different. When I go with family, there are many more challenges to have patience and compromise with your family attitude, and mostly I can't go too far away because my parents and sister are not really accustomed to walk a lot. Meanwhile when I go with friends, I can go everywhere I want and walk from morning to mid-night, like I have no exhausted feeling. But when I go with my family, I feel I develop myself more, I feel embracing another opinions and views, and I feel really good afterwards. From that time, I really want to go travel to another places, taste the local pride, open up the mind with the new circumstance. Travelling is really, really fun.

See you in the next all-by-myself travel stories!

Sunday, 27 August 2017

Lost but Found (2)

The 2nd day / July 16, 2017

My father arrived at the hotel at 5 am. We planned to walked around the city and had a city tour by ourself. First my mom asked to go to Johor Baru instead, but because of the objects are just ordinary and it was more interesting to walked around Singapore, we decided to have a city tour around by bus and MRT. After some researched at the internet by myself and by asking my mom too, we decided to go to Chijmes, museums, rivers, Bras Basah complex, Haji Lane, and at evening we could go around Bugis.

First, we planned to see Chijmes. Chijmes is an old building Catholic church and it has classical architecture, I assume it is baroque style, maybe? It is a very historical building with white skin that so beautiful to see. My father is really addicted to sketch, so this place was really good object for him. But.... Along the way, we found a signage directed to Toys Museum. Rara's eyes were sparkling immediately and finally we went there first before we went to Chijmes. Hahaha what a fun way to pick up some objects when you are travelling by yourself :). In the Museum Toys, I found that this museum is so rich. I mean, the owner collect a lot of toys since he/she was child, and it may cost thousand or million dollars if we convert it today. The collections are soooooo many and vary. From Star Trek to The Beatles, from UK to China, from Pinochio to F1 racing cars. This place is amazing! This place is owned by a person, so I wonder how he/she collect all the things inside the museums. 

Rara and father

adoring The Beatles

Japanese or Chinese toys.... I forget

The Beatles collection

And next we go to Chijmes. As I told you, my father did spend some time to sketch Chijmes and the complex around. After visited Chijmes, we went to Singapore Art Museum but apparently due to renovation of its building the museum was temporary off and moved some of its collections to another building near to the native one. But we didn't visit the temporary museum, we went to National Gallery of Singapore instead. Luckily there was a Yayoi Kusama's exhibition there and that was really good and beautiful. Rara joined one of the installation actually and it was quite good anyway to left your steps in the gallery haha :) We strolled around and then we had lunch because we had to pay for tickets to get in to some of the exhibitions (Yayoi Kusama, architecture of the gallery, and many other ones), and we did not prepare to pay tickets in the gallery so we better off soon.


Rara left some writings at the installation

Yayoi  Kusama's installation

Singapore Art Museum

Right, so after we had lunch at Raffles Place we went straight to Haji Lane by bus. We strolled around and bought some souvenirs and did prayer too as well in Sultan Mosque. I also had a good time there because I found a very cheap shoes that I adore all this time, hehe, the real definition of "kalo jodoh ga kemana" :) And the time I spent in the middle of Haji Lane, Sultan Mosque, Arab St, and everywhere inside the neighborhood was really lovely. I could spend hours there, I love its ambience a lot, much.

After had quite long time in Haji Lane, we went to Bras Basah Complex by walk and there we bought some architectural books in Basheer Graphic Books. This bookstore is a quite well-known place in architect-designer-illustrator community because it sells many good books that basically I can not find in Indonesia in affordable price. I really love this place and if I had another chance to visit Singapore, I may visit this shop again. And in the evening we went to Bugis Junction to look for souvenirs and squishy and shoes for mom. She needed a pair of new shoes since the next day we planned to go to Universal Studio. She better be prepared......


The second day was a blast and I very enjoyed walking around and had a nice sightseeing around the city. It didn't need much cost to enjoy the environment and have a look around the neighborhood. Plus, sudden decision amidst the travelling was worth it and it should be applied in the next vacay with ma familia :) The last post will talk much about the 3rd and 4th day and how I feel after having this all-by-ourself tour.

See you there!

Lost but Found (1)

Travelling is one of many ways to spend your holiday time or even when you are just bored and want to get yourself together in real life. Travelling will refresh your body and soul because you are just right getting yourself in different circumstance than you usually are. I would say it is true, it is verrrryyyyy right to find a good escape from reality. And most of all, travelling will give you another 'you', make yourself found the real you because you may lost but in the same time you found yourself, right? :)

And mostly, people nowadays will do travelling in backpacker style. I assume this maybe it is because a force from pictures they saw on instagram or facebook but they don't really have much money to be abroad. But backpacking is super fun! Oh yes, you will not just get lost but found yourself, you will always have to make a new way to get survived, to get the cheapest meals and souvenirs and accommodations, and you will make it whatever it takes to get to your destinations. But it is very funnn!! And makes you stressed out a bit actually, but it will give your brain extra effort to think the way you have never thought before. And I experienced all the things above when I had my vacation with my family, consisted of my father, my mother, me, and my younger sister. There should be my younger brother as well but he was busy with his exam in college so he could not make it with us, poor him. But that experience is really one thing that gives me extra-patience up to now, and very very memorable. So here I am writing my holiday story with my family in Singapore.


1st day (the most memorable one) / July 15, 2017

My mom, my sister, and I arrived in Singapore on Saturday around 11-12 am. My father would arrive the next morning from Istanbul. From Changi airport we directly went to our hotel located in Bugis by MRT. To be honest at that time I still had no idea about how far the MRT station from the hotel but..... ok, I thought, 'just go with the map from the MRT station later and we will figure it out'. And then, we arrived at the MRT station. For your information, there was just me that had been to Singapore before so it meant everyone was depended on me. HAHA. But after that I directly found  a way from MRT station to my hotel and that was exactly the right exit! So apparently my hotel was very close to the exit D of Bugis MRT station and I felt we were just so lucky :) right after checked in to the hotel, we went to money changer outlet and had lunch at Bugis Junction.  My mom was so picky about the halal foods and it was quite taking time to find where is the right place should we go to. And after that, we planned to go to Gardens by The Bay and then Merlion Park and everything in surround and then Orchard Rd. And the adventure began.

Before the adventure began I would like to share some photos here.

me - my sister - mom

just before the stressed came hehe

Alright. So, as I searched on google maps, we should take stop in Promenade MRT station from Bugis, then walked for 15 minutes. I just thought 'Hm.... Ok, it won't take long so I guess this is the fastest route to get Gardens by The Bay'. Then, I followed the google maps again after we got to Promenade. But..... The exit ways were so confusing. There was no sign to the nearest way to the Gardens by The Bay. So I was just checking up on my phone all the way. It all went right until there was an intersection. The google maps say I should take right, so then we took right, but then it changed, we should go back to the place we turned and went straight. Ok, then we went back to the place we turned and went straight from that point. And there was another intersection, ha! The google maps said it again to turn left, and we followed, but then it showed a different way to get to Gardens by The Bay. Hm yea I already felt confused right there. Then my mom asked some cops there where was the Gardens by The Bay exactly and they said.... We were just far away and we should take taxi. Whattttt, no! A big no for expense on accommodation more than bus or MRT, that was me and my mom's principal. So we went back to the second intersection, we went straight (ignoring the stupid google maps), and walked along the way. That was so hot....... We had to go through along Helix Bridge actually and my sister was really tired so we decided to stop and take photos. We were already tired, we even had not reached the entry gate of Gardens by The Bay hahaha :") But here we goes the photos at the Helix Bridge and along the confusion anyway:

near 1st intersection

after asking the cops

yea.... after found the google maps was just stupid

Rara is tired

'Yea... Ok mom'

After that, we continued our walk. We checked again on google maps and we walked into the Marina Bay Sands. There was right actually, but then after going pass the road (as, again, google maps, told us to pass the road and follow the route but all we could see was just bridge for cars with no pedestrian way but we followed it anyway)..... It was telling no direction, again. Haha, I said to myself then 'Don't use google maps anymore', I was just laughing when it said we were just close enough but it didn't show the right way huh :( I was feeling so regretful as until 2 pm we still did not get to the place, meanwhile we still wanted to go to some places after this. I said sorry to my mom and Rara because this made them had to walk for long distance..... But then they told me it was no problem because my mom was also confused and did not know the direction either, so just enjoyed the walk, she said. And I felt a little bit happier and we continued our tour.

Then my mom asked again to man near us at Marina about direction to Gardens by The Bay. And.... Miracle happened. He showed us a small way under the bridge that would direct us to Gardens by The Bay. We thanked him much and we felt so happy right after that because he was right!! Haha :)) And finally we got to Gardens by The Bay. It was still quite far to the entrance but since we were already in the complex, we just enjoyed the area and did prayer first, and then we bought tickets and got in to the building. Yeaaaaa Thank God :)

under the bridge, felt like miracle happened
at the complex, we were finally just few meters away from the Garden

got the Singapore Flyer though :)

and yeaaa we got in! 

 The Cloud Forest

The Meadows and a very architectural spot there and a very instagram-able as well

And after finished with the first destination, we went back to the hotel and planed to go to Orchard Rd in the evening but we could not make to the Merlion Park because we were sooooo tired. I thought we just could directly go to Orchard at that time, but mom told me Rara was tired and she needed to finish admissions in the hotel so.... Yeah, we went back to the hotel. And when we went to the nearest MRT station at Gardens by The Bay which is the Bayfront, I just realised the Bayfront was just 1 station right after Promenade. Argh...... Stupid, another regret, and I felt so careless of following the google maps. Once again, my mom told me that was okay because in the same time we could finally see the Helix Bridge and another photographs. Alright then, it relieved me a lot and then we went back to the hotel and next right to Orchard Rd.


The first day was a wrap then. I never imagined that travelling by ourself with less experience would make yourself tired, you body is tired as well as your brain and heart. But after going through the first day, I could say I was more relaxed and take everything easier than before. The next 3 days trip will be written in the next post. 

See you there!

Monday, 16 January 2017

A week without Instagram


2017 has been a good time to start new things to do and to be tried, at least once in your lifetime. There are tons of things I bet we all have and want to do those things, just to let our curious feeling get enough to find the answer. And by new year's beginning, I also have started something quite useful in my life, just for fun, but I guess it quite effective to affect my entire mind and soul. So, I am currently running a personal 'social' experiment upon myself, it is called "getting off your accounts".

First of all, why I started this experiment (which is actually not that experimental thingy), I was pushed by a video in Twitter. The video tells viewers of how my generations; the millennial generations; are the ones who really got affected by internet, technology, gadget, this whole globalisations effects, and social media. It is just not for the body or physically, but also for the way we think, the way we socialise with other humans, and our character as well. If you want to see the whole video, here we go:

Jump on 9:10 directly. Burning, right?

Second, I was attending a seminar about how to deal with kids of millennial generation, how to make them actively play, have interactions, have a real social life, instead of just play games on their the tab or phone. This seminar told me a lot about how interactions with other people gain your sympathy feelings through others, improve your speaking skills, your character on facing many other type of persons, how you respond your surrounding, and many more. Summary is, you can have more skills when you interact with people rather than just getting addictive to your phone.

Those two things I got and experienced are somehow related, and they were happened within a short time. Those two things encourage me to do something meaningful to my mind, that is gaining my self-esteem, self-confidence, reducing my addiction to social media, practice my patience in real life and busy hours, for short I might call it: gaining skills of life in real life. I was directly thinking of, yeah, this person is right, that in this instantaneously world, we need to learn about something that takes time, to learn about patience, to appreciate a process and be happy with your hard work and proud of your self.

So, I am now feeling good by reducing activity on my social media accounts. I am intended to express myself; release more dopamine by natural activity like writing, reading, sketching, having conversations with family, friends, and so on. I had already signed out from my instagram account. Even though it has been running for a week, I am planning to continue this as long as I can, and after this maybe I would continue to the snapchat, path, and another social media accounts I have.

As the result, I had another things to do. I was working on birthday card for my best friend which is quite simple but I feel it is one of good thing I can do and fill my brain than just daydreaming in this holiday season. Here is the result:

Actually there are four cards in a bundle, but this is one of them, and this is my favourite one.
I am doing this by my phone, using a sketchbook app and s pen.

After this, maybe I could make something bigger and more meaningful, and maybe do my final project to make my days be more challenging within this holiday atmosphere. I found that leaving a social media world is not that bad, it doesn't mean you can't go enough with something from within yourself. The skills and dreams you have will always lead you to find happiness with or without gadgets and phones and those things in cyber world. Because they are made in the real world, here underneath your footsteps.

Regards, N.

Friday, 6 January 2017

2017's First Friday Bliss

Hello, it has been a while.

A quite long time to see my blog again since my last appear here back in 2015. Wow, 2 years, what a hiatus. I was not really into writing-world in my college years, compared than in my highschool years. There are few reasons related to it.

First, I don’t really feel really need to write within these years. I felt it was busy enough to think and find any design inspirations to do the tasks and duties in college.  So draw was much important than write your feelings. I assumed that way.

Second, basically I write a lot when I am feeling sad (that is how a melancholy person works in real life). And most of them is caused by a condition of missing family, missing someone you adore, missing bestfriends,  missing hometown, missing place far away and people around, etc. And when I was in highschool, that melancholy feeling run too well everyday. So that is why, I wrote a lot at that time. And now? In college years?  I guess I am practicing my logical thinking mind to work harder than the heart does. So I don’t feel really sad because of having no boyfriend, of being alone, because I work hard on the things I am doing at that time. Ain’t no body got time for drama.

Third, I was lack of any post or writing inspiration. I did not read much except books and journals gave from the lecturer. I guess that was my fault, a very significant fault. And I could really feel it quite lessen my passion to write a lot like I did.

Enough for reasons. After hiatus of 2 years surrounded by no-writing ambience, I realise something is not good and uncomplete when I am not trying to write down some of my thoughts, of my opinions, arguments, or whatever it is. I need to do something to make myself up, recharged, and feel confident with everything within. By doing much write, I can find something that I enjoy to do, makes me think a lot, train myself to write in good manner, ignite me to read more because I need more vocabs to swallow!

May this year I can live more, from within, deep, deep, deep, down the heart.

Xoxo, N.