Sunday, 28 June 2015

Chef: A Movie Review


I watched this movie when I had a lil spare time during my internship hours. Lol I know it was quite messed up but I literally had nothing to do and otherwise, that day was Friday so everyone has nothing really serious thing to do. Everyone seems expecting to go home earlier, and I took a look at this movie.

I will not tell you about something technical about how this movie has a good plot, or some good actors and actreeses in a row (because it got Robert Downey Jr. and Scarlett Johansson though alongside its casts), or about their conversations; NO. I just want to write about some good points that quite notable to be known, that is: how Chef Carly Casper tried to balance his life between two things. 1. He tried his best to maintain igniting his passion about cooking and do not stop whether it is because of the restaurant's owner he already worked on for 15 years (or more, or less, I forget about it, sorry) fired him, that he had no pride between his colleagues anymore. And 2. He tried to share what he is good at to his one and only son, Percy, while at the same time he realised that was the best way to take care Percy after he divorced with his ex-wife, Inez. 

Despite all the very mouth-watering foods, meals, and the way Chef Casper cooked all the cuisines he-is-super-pro-at was truly salivating, I have 3 remarkable quotes related from the points I wrote above:

1. Passion is passion.

So, there is Molly. Molly is the receptionist at the restaurant Chef Casper worked on and started to become his best friend. Molly tries to cheer Carl up after a poor review of their restaurant comes in. While she urges him not to care, he has pride in being an innovative chef and is saddened that he wasn't given a chance to do that.

Molly: "Who cares?"
Carl Casper: "I do cause I could have done better. I should have cooked food that I was going to cook. There are chefs that cook food that they believe in and people will try because they're open to a new experience and they'll end up liking it."

2. Work with your heart and satisfy yourself.

Carl's ex-wife, Inez, tries to point him in a better direction when he faces a crossroads in his life by noting that he won't ever be completely happy until he is working for himself, not anyone else.

Inez: "You're never going to be happy cooking for someone else."

3. Why there are tons of kids in the world had that quite same abilities to their parents? Because parents always want to share and make their children learn about something they are really, really, good at.

Carl has an intense amount of pride in his profession as a chef and wants his son, Percy, to feel that same level of awesomeness in his life as well.

Carl Casper: "I get to touch people's lives with what I do and I love it and I want to share this with you."

So, that's it for this time movie review. I assume this movie is really worth to watch. I didn't feel so bored within those almost 2 hours kept my eyes on screen. Enjoy this movie while waiting to break your fasting! Oh and plus, happy fasting everyone! May this Ramadhan 1436 H be more memorable than last year and we could be closer to Allah SWT, aamiin.