Sunday, 28 June 2015

Chef: A Movie Review


I watched this movie when I had a lil spare time during my internship hours. Lol I know it was quite messed up but I literally had nothing to do and otherwise, that day was Friday so everyone has nothing really serious thing to do. Everyone seems expecting to go home earlier, and I took a look at this movie.

I will not tell you about something technical about how this movie has a good plot, or some good actors and actreeses in a row (because it got Robert Downey Jr. and Scarlett Johansson though alongside its casts), or about their conversations; NO. I just want to write about some good points that quite notable to be known, that is: how Chef Carly Casper tried to balance his life between two things. 1. He tried his best to maintain igniting his passion about cooking and do not stop whether it is because of the restaurant's owner he already worked on for 15 years (or more, or less, I forget about it, sorry) fired him, that he had no pride between his colleagues anymore. And 2. He tried to share what he is good at to his one and only son, Percy, while at the same time he realised that was the best way to take care Percy after he divorced with his ex-wife, Inez. 

Despite all the very mouth-watering foods, meals, and the way Chef Casper cooked all the cuisines he-is-super-pro-at was truly salivating, I have 3 remarkable quotes related from the points I wrote above:

1. Passion is passion.

So, there is Molly. Molly is the receptionist at the restaurant Chef Casper worked on and started to become his best friend. Molly tries to cheer Carl up after a poor review of their restaurant comes in. While she urges him not to care, he has pride in being an innovative chef and is saddened that he wasn't given a chance to do that.

Molly: "Who cares?"
Carl Casper: "I do cause I could have done better. I should have cooked food that I was going to cook. There are chefs that cook food that they believe in and people will try because they're open to a new experience and they'll end up liking it."

2. Work with your heart and satisfy yourself.

Carl's ex-wife, Inez, tries to point him in a better direction when he faces a crossroads in his life by noting that he won't ever be completely happy until he is working for himself, not anyone else.

Inez: "You're never going to be happy cooking for someone else."

3. Why there are tons of kids in the world had that quite same abilities to their parents? Because parents always want to share and make their children learn about something they are really, really, good at.

Carl has an intense amount of pride in his profession as a chef and wants his son, Percy, to feel that same level of awesomeness in his life as well.

Carl Casper: "I get to touch people's lives with what I do and I love it and I want to share this with you."

So, that's it for this time movie review. I assume this movie is really worth to watch. I didn't feel so bored within those almost 2 hours kept my eyes on screen. Enjoy this movie while waiting to break your fasting! Oh and plus, happy fasting everyone! May this Ramadhan 1436 H be more memorable than last year and we could be closer to Allah SWT, aamiin. 

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Lupa Bercerita

Currently playing: Banda Neira - Di Beranda

"Dan jika, suatu saat buah hatiku, buah hatimu, untuk sementara waktu pergi
usahlah kau pertanyakan ke mana kakinya kan melangkah
kita berdua tahu, dia pasti pulang ke rumah."

Sedari pagi aku sendiri di kamar, tidak keluar
Tidak berenang, tidak pergi ke kampus, hanya di kamar
Sendirian di kamar hingga malam tiba

Aku merasa sendiri dan sepi
Aku rindu sekali dengan ayah, ibu, Uda Tsani, Dik Rara,
Semua keluarga dan teman di rumah
Sedih rasanya tidak ada teman bicara di sini

Tuhan sudah membisikkan kata-kataNya,
Tapi aku saja yang tidak cukup peka
Hingga teringat perkara kecil di malam Minggu lalu dan pagi ini
Aku jadi terbangun dan sadar diri

Tuhan ingin aku bicara padaNya
Sudah lama aku tidak bercerita apa inginnya hati ini
Sudah terlalu sibuk dengan urusan kuliah duniawi
Sudah berasa dewasa hingga lupa asupan nurani
Sudah bersama teman jadi lupa pada Yang Maha Mendengar di setiap ujung hari

Ya Tuhan Yang Maha Mengerti seluruh isi hati,
Masih bolehkah aku bercerita?

Aku rindu ayah, ibu, keluargaku, dan rumahku.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

After The-First-31-Days-of-2015 Took All Their Best Parts

Hello again!

The first month of 2015 has just ended. This means we all just have already taken our time out of their first 31-days-league. What had we done? What had we achieved? Was it really satisfy us or not? Let’s track it down since the very first day.

For me, this first month of 2015 I spent on the 3rd semester break, yeah, the whole month. I didn’t go to many places compared to my last holiday in the middle of 2014, last year. I spent many times at home. Yup, I became a very home-sweet-home girl which is good to build up my sense of taking care a house since I am a dorm-college-girl in Surabaya. But I got a feeling that I was doing quite much meaningful things—at least meaningful enough for myself. I helped mother cooking and cleaning up the house, improved my driving skill, made up a D-I-Y calendar, read quite much books, slept over at my grandma’s house to acompany her, watched many movies, went to see my theatre-club juniors in high school, and the last but not least, a lil bit going out with my friends and best friends.

Looks cool and all are cheerful moments? Not at all. I had some bad days either. I was sad when I opened up my GPA score for 3rd semester was not quite good compared to the 2nd semester. But that’s okay. Sad, but don’t be too long. I believe the score I got was the best result to me because 3rd semester went so crazy through all the 23 credits! And enough for the next semester. I may not add any credits because I want to more focus.

Sometimes I felt jealous to some friends that went out to another cities or countries for holiday on this break. I LOVE TRAVELLING. SO MUCH! And as I looked down on Instagram, Path, or another social media, oh gosh, so many people went on holiday and they took dozens of great scenery pictures—those things are really, really, good pictures! Calm down, myself, calm down.

But don’t worry, those are the not-so-good parts. My best parts of this holiday is: learning without leaving my comfort zone! How to do that: reading, listening to radio, watching movies, helping my mother around and keep on repeating them. I imaginate crazy things while I am reading books. I try to understand how to bringin’ out nice words without hurting people by listening to radio. I get inspired by how a story told and notice how important it is the cinematography of movies, from watching films. And of course I get more sensitive about what’s going on my home and what can I help to make it better, by helping my mother around.

And about travelling, frankly I didn’t really plan to have some get aways for this holiday. But...... Some friends surprisingly knew exactly the way I felt about photos on social media recently (as I told you above) so they took me on little get aways! Yeaaay! I was super happy because this not-quite-arranged holiday went quite superb ;) So I went to Solo and Kebun Teh Kemuning in Karanganyar, Taman Sari Water Castle, Embung Nglanggeran in Gunung Kidul, and Pinus Forest and some places around Imogiri, Bantul to enjoy many new great sites around Jogja and Solo. All of my trips (total they are 4 trips) are only spent a day, done spontaneously (except the Solo’s trip), cost below than Rp 100.000,00/trip, giving me many cool photos, and yeah obviously perfectly done!

To be honest, I can feel my soul is lit up a little more while I am home. I don’t know, maybe it’s because I am surrounded with family and best friends, but that is true for sure. I guess I should be thankful for everything I have. From the first day during my break time, I was picked up by my best-friend. That was quite different from the routines, my parents usually took me from train station. But that was cool! I felt so happy when I arrived here. And the last day of January, which is today...... Yes, I spent it with my best friends again. I know this is quite bizarre but everytime after hanging-out with them, I always feel so happy, thankful, but sad either because the time was too fast moving. I won’t lose my time with them. I am happy to waste the time around the boys.

I wish the perfect time I had here in my lovely, lovely, lovely hometown, Jogja, would always ignite me to do the best as I can do while I am in Surabaya, to fight harder for future, to make my beloved people are proud of me. Remembering home is always gonna be the best armor to light up my fire for winning the battle. I believe that. Sixteen weeks of college days, I will beat you down. I am going to be back home again with a big smile on my face, later on 4th semester break. I promise.

I know how it is felt to be away from home. Home-gone-home-gone, and repeat them all the way. I know best things will come around to me after I am working so hard to make my dreams coming true. Go fighting, superhero! You are not alone.