Sunday, 1 January 2012

Hello 2012

Google;s doodle for new year eve


I just want to write some things that remind me straight to 2011. Is it just my feeling or is it true that seems just a couple days ago I said to my slef that I;m one of the main crew of PSIKOPAD!#6, being one of the actors of Jubah Macan's performance in TBY, doing a lot of painting, measuring, cutting the woods for being decoration crea for the year 12's farewell party, then a coordinator of 'Usaha Dana' in PSTW 2011. Then I went to Warrnambool, Australia for the Exchange Students program. I just didn't sure I had gone through them all. I remember how hard my duties are, beside the very compulsory one as a student. But now, it's been 2012. And I did those duties whoch have taught me many things. About faith, dicipline, focus, hardwork, and believer. And for'em either, now I can make a good resolution for 2012. 

Thanks, everyone. 2011 had been being a good teacher, great expreience in my life. I can;t say it's my best year in my whole life, but I swear 2011 is one of the bests. 

Heart's Saying

Kini harus aku lewati
Sepi hariku, tanpa dirimu lagi

Biarkan kini ku berdiri, melawan waktu
'Tuk melupakanmu

Walau, pedih hati
Namun aku bertahan...........