Monday, 17 December 2012

Enjoying Life

So, I just watched these 2 amazing movies this week; in a row. Why in a row? Because my final test had been over since 9 December, so my friends and I consider we would have a very long free time before the report books are going to be distributed to students (read: the real holiday starts). Then, we thought to watch movies while theaters in my town are also showing quite good movies here. 

The first movie I watched this week was: Life of Pi. This movie has a quite common plot, but its moral value is very deep and I think it's quite implicit. But the most important that its cinematography is soooooooo fabulous! I attach 2 photos that show how incredible this movie is, through its cinematography, below the poster. This movie is adapted from novel which has the same title. My friend told me that the Life of Pi novel is also a good novel; 'weighted' and we need brilliant brain to read it.

Life of Pi's poster

The lovely and nice pictures of the effects:

The glowing blue lights is fish in the sea. I bet I couldn't find like this in real life.

The glowing green lights is a reflection of ship and canoe that Pi and Richard Parker's settled in.

This is the second movie I watched this week: 5 cm. It is an Indonesian movie and I assume this is a quite good movie compared to another Indonesian movies nowadays (you know, Indonesian movie directors are getting 'addicted' of making horror-erotic-nonsense movies recently. They are completely sick). Eventhough this movie is also adapted from a novel, but some of the stories within are changed and omitted (I know it because I had read the novel). Overall, I appreciate this movie as a good job of our movie director to fix Indonesian movies genre that have been going absurd as I told you. 5 cm has similiarities with Life of Pi by the way: be adapted from novel and have good cinematography. Here I show you some of nature views that were taken in 5 cm; those photogrpahs are really breath-taking:

5 cm's poster and now also becomes its novel cover.

Ranu Kumbolo. Actually those 2 persons inside the picture are not actors of 5 cm. I just.... googled this image randomly.

Ranu Kumbolo, again.

Am I right? I think Life of Pi and 5 cm are quite good movies that worth it to be watched. And also make our holiday in the end of 2012 becoming more memorable. Aw, how nice :)

Happy movie marathon!

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Bonjour décembre!


 Bonjour décembre! C'est le dernier mois de cette année
And also, my final examination has been started over since the last day of November. It's the 5th semester of my high-school-track, so the result of this exam would be considered a lot.

I fight against myself. I'll do my best, and God sees it.
Break a leg!