Sunday, 13 November 2011


I'm sorry for not writing in this page for a quite long time. Blame my laziness and the old-bad-suck internet access. But soon I will write a very very nice story---it is true! It comes from myself, when I did a student exchange program in Warrnambool, Australia. I had a real happy life, knew what's happy life and how to live a happy life there. Just one word for living in Warrnambool: Amazing!

Wait for it, readers.

PSTW 2011

It's actually a verryyy old topic to write but as I havent written it before, so this sec I MUST write about this. Probably not much though.

PSTW 2011 stands for Padmanaba Science Tech Week 2011. It's an annual science competition event, had been held since 2006, I guess. This science competition is the biggest one that held by high school students! Doesnt it sound very cool and gorgeous? Hahaha, thanks people :p

This year, we got something new, then we may call it a 'breakthrough' way. We also provide an exhibition for high school students and public, so it wasn;t just a scince olimpiade for the junior ones. The exhibition is Faculty Fair. So there were many many majors and faculties that offering about their studies and superiorites, definitely. Some of them were architect, bio medicine, civics engineering, chemical engineering, psychology, law and business, electronical engineering, and dentistry. Alluring, right? Sure. And we got about.... 2000 visitorrs! That was a veeerrryyyy BIG BLAST! Yeaaaaaaayyyy! :D

And for the science olimpiade, which is called by Padmanaba Scinece Competition, for the year 7-9, there're approximately 140 groups, consist of 3 students for each group, registered as participants! Much better than a year before, because its enhancement is quite significant, from 90 something to 140. Lovely.

Forget all the problems, much terrible things, botherness, lack of money, inconvenience, everything that made our works were not so fine as we expected, obstructered, but then every single 'FIGHT', 'DON'T GIVE UP' and 'YOU CAN DO IT' from our friends made us stronger, trust everything can happen even more the money would be getting more and more :p but yeah, it was the best 'tablets' for us to keep up the work, stayed on fire, to make PSTW 2011 happened, to make everyone felt a good atmosphere of science in PSC and smelled of their bright future in Faculty Fair. And it worked well, very well.

I miss how hard we worked and some of us got sick and stressed out. But those things worth it, it had been paid well. Now we just need to pray for Padmanaba Cup and Fun Bike, for their success and anything best for'em.

Keep up the good work, guys! I love and miss you so badly, PHCo PSTW 2011 xx