Sunday, 19 June 2011

The Other Bussiest Week

My final test of second semester has been over since 2 weeks ago. I thought I would have a lot of spare time while waiting the time for taking my report book; but I was wrong.

I was choosen to be one of Padmanaba Science Tech Week's (PSTW) committees. After had the final test, I'm busy with many activities for preparing this event. Not just for this event, I also prepare many things for the graduation party for 12th grade; I'm in decoration division. I'm either one of crew Pentas Tutup Tahun Ajaran 66 (PTTA 66), the graduation party for the 12th grades, is made by the 10th grade. Usually PTTA has more creative and exclusive decorations, that's why I must make it great!

Actually, I miss my spare time of being home when the holiday comes. When I can waste my time for doing play games; go to the cinema; watch movies on my laptop; do window shopping with my friends, go to the beach with my buddies; or the best is having leisure with my family; go out of Jogja and have fun in journey!

Well, for this moment I think I can;t do those enchant items, but maybe I can do it in next new year holiday. Oh, I really hope =)

Pray me for the best for the PTTA and PSTW and hopefully it will be held successfully, amen. I'm really passionate to success them!

Do the best,

Friday, 3 June 2011


Bloggyyyyyy! I'm sad. This is what was just happening this morning.

This morning I woke up late, I woke up at 6.30 a.m, whereas I'm having a final test for my second semester. So I was in hurry and I had my breakfast on car hahaha :D

Then, I arrived at school. I saw his car was arriving too. I was happy because it means that we will walked up together to the classroom; our classroom opposites each other. But......... what I''d imagined soon disappear of my mind. I saw him walking together with his girlfriend. I didn't look so sad, because soon after I saw that moment, my other friend came and greeted me. So I didn't think a lot of what just I'm looking at.

Yes, I feel good and nothing's wrong 'till the bell was ringing on; time for submit my answer sheet to the supervisor. I thought and remembered what was happening this morning. I remember him. I miss him.

This is neither his fault or his girlfriend. But me. Why am i so envy? I'm not his girlfriend. I'm just his friend. Friend. Not best friend, instead of soulmate.

Yea, I'm realized for the 'morning tragedy'. Thanks for showing me that you're owned. All that I can do now is just adoring you, not willing to be yours and..... let you go with her.

"Let it go......"

Thursday, 2 June 2011


I really hate to hear tho voice of a crying baby or toddler. It's disturbing, yet I feel pity on her/him because she is a baby or toddler. I don't know what should I do if I have a baby after I get married. I may hate it or love it? Hey, I'm her/his mother, I shoul love them a lot!


Last night I went to my grand father house. He was alone because my grand mother is going to Pangkal Pinang to meet her sister. Everything's still fine, I thought. But then, my sister ran around his house and found a height gauges. My sister is very attractive and cheerful, so she asked my brother to measure his height. Either my mother and my sister herself. And my grandfather forced me to do the same. I was still thinking sort of "Okay, I will do it. It's just the height measurer, so what's the matter?".

Yet, after my mother measure my height and asked me to see the number of it, I felt so........ ashamed. I felt like I'm the ugliest girl in the whole world. I thought why God is very mean to me, He doesn't gave me a normal height like the other girls? I'm a high school student but my height seems to a junior year even an elementary year students. I have already done many things to increase it since I was a child but WHYYYYY God doesn;t give me the feedback? I feel so angry and upset now. Really.

Yes, my parents and my grandfather might say every single word to make me feel better and calm down. But neither on me, it;s me who undergo on this matter. I feel so desperate and hopeless. Yes God, now it's up to You. I've felt so tired and been sick of it. Giving up. Under pressured.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011


Hello Pals. Here I'm giving you my note again after my absence since....... for a long time, months may be. So many cases I want to write down and share!

1st is about PSIKOPAD!#6. Do you know about it? It's a music event from my high school. We present some guest stars there. That were Endank Soekamti, Mocca, Jogja Hip Hop Foundation, Captain Jack, Serigala Malam, and so on. I'm one of the committee and I'm sooooo proud and full of joy when it was held! Really, what a kind of relieveness and cheerful on 21st of May 2011. That was the night when I felt all of the hard work I'd done was paid.

2nd is about my duty as student: do tasks and tests. Finally the final semester test is happening and it's right now! Ohhh God, I can't believe this. My junior year in high school gonna be over :(

3rd is about..... mmm no. I think I shouldn't post it here. It's privacy.

Okay then, I still have many jobs for the graduation party (for the grade 12) and Padmanaba Science Competition as celebration of 69 years-old my high school's age. I'm not ready yet to head these but I either can't be more patient to start them!

Byee Bloggy, see you after the final test of 2nd semester! Byeee! :D