Sunday, 25 April 2010

The Best Moment in my 2010!

Don't you know? When you can share a lot of things, hang out, or do the same duties with your best friends, you'll feel you won't be apart from them, hope could stay beside'em forever, and always keep our relationship because we consider they are the best thing we ever had. They seem to a diamond that almost get extinct from this earth. They are too worthy for us. And that's what's going on to me.So, on Friday, 23rd of April 2010, all of the student of 9D (my beautiful-messy-beloved-class) planned to take some photographs for our yearbook. We had decided we took the photos at our school (SMP N 5 Yogya) and Nana Kribo's (the president in 9D) uncle's house. We had to be gathered at 14.00 o'clock. I've said to all of them to come punctually. Why me? Because Nana Kribo wants me to be the chairman of this big project. Yeah, this is a BIG project because a yearbook will be always remembered for all of students.

But, actually they didn't. They are very Indonesian: so hard to change their bad habit to do something on its time; disciplinely. Chandra and Cahya are the latest. They came at 14.30. 30 minutes was simply wasted.Then, soon, we took many photographs. The places are: in front of my class, middle basketball court, and in the class. We wear our uniform for in school's session. This session was terrific!
After that, we change our clothes. As the next places was Nana Kribo's uncle's house and over there we took a standing party theme. The girls were wearing dresses and the boys were wearing suites. We were amazing and cool!

this is the boys, just a few of us actually (left-right clockwise: Anggit, Adit, Ridwan, Fattah, Yudha, Agung, Gessa, Dendi, Aji, Ausi, Faidz) .

At first, we were too confused on how to make ourself look good in the photos. So, as a chairman (ehm) I asked the photographer. Nana Kribo call him as "Om Nugroho" and so do I. He asked the girls to match their own dress with the others, because the models of girls' dresses were so miscellaneous. But not with the guy, they were wearing the similar models of suit, even the colours! Hahaha :--D

At least, we ended our photo session for our yearbook at 'bout 17.30 o'clock. We are so satisfied we could do it smoothly and almost the same with we desired for.

this is the girls, still, just a few of us (left-right: Sarah, Lala, Ayu', Fitri, Sandira).

I'm in this pict (left-right: Farah, Ayu', Runi, Nana Kribo, ME, Arum).

aaand this is my photograph with Yudha! We are best friends not a couple, okaay?

After all of that tiring thingy, we went to Pizza Hut Tugu to spend our 'uang kas' which is still stay tight close in Alifia Rahmawati's pocket (She is 9D's exchequer) which is worth as.. 1 million rupiahs! Isn't it an amazing number? Let's imagine, we just a secondary school's student, but we could get such a lot of money! W.O.W

Nana kribo asked us to come with -still- wearing our suites and dresses. If we didn't we had to pay the pizzas, garlic breads, and coca colas by ourself. Hhh a lil hard string. But it's okay, no problem! As long as we still treated, we will do anything for Nana Kribo!

In Pizza Hut, we just ordered 10 sensasi delight's packs. Why we chose sensasi delight's packs? Because, if we ordered a big pizza and that's havent included the beverages, we cuold spend more than 1 million rupiahs! Besides, our budget was only less than 1 million rupiahs.

this is partially of 9 Dhezoo. we were in pizza hut tugu.

We ate and we laughed together. We gathered and celebrated our successful for passing National, Final School, and Practical examinations! Actually, we are so proud for our fighting and having pass those three dying things.
Yeah, as I told you before. Friends is the one of the valuable wealth in our life. Now, you have known why do I really love my classmates, because they are so precious for my life. They're in the third position if I make "Who is the most important person in your life?" list, after Allah SWT and my family. I love my 9 Dhezoo remarkably. Anything as bad as you are, I'll stay stand beside you.

Bravo Dhezo! Nana.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010


21 April 2010. Selamat Hari Kartini! Aku bangga jadi perempuan Indonesia :")

Tapi sekolahku gak ngerayain kartinian hari ini, ngerayainnya baru besok, sambil nyambut dirjen dari PBB gitu gossip dari temen-temen. Ah bodo ah.

Hari ini hari terakhir ujian loooooh! Yes, akhirnya, setelah berbulan-bulan penantian (lebay) semua ujian selesai juga! Hari ini hari terkahir ujiaaan! UNAS, USEK, UPRAK, pokoknya semua selesai deh! Hah seneng banget rasanya, sekarang tinggal ngurusin buku tahunan sama liburan ke Bali sama temen-temen sekelas! Oke, ngga sekelas. Dari 37 murid di kelas, yang ikut cuma 30 anak, 7 lainnya pada ngga dibolehin sama ortu mereka. Sedih.. :( Ah gak papa deh gak bisa ikut semua, yang penting ke Bali cihuy :--D

Hari terakhir ujian tadi jadwalnya agama. Sistemnya undian. Jadi masing-masing ketua kelas disuruh ambil undian dari nomer 1-11, soalnya ada 11 kelas yang mau ujian. Daaaaaaaan tau gak? Ketua kelasku si kriboo itu ngambil undiannya nomer 10. 10 dari 11. What a GOOD turn? Blah.

Ya udah deh, karena pada bosen, frustasi, dan bingung mau ngapain selama nungguin giliran, akhirnya ada temen-temenku yang pulang. Ada juga yang tetep di sekolah, tapi sambil rapat buat buku tahunan, ngenet di Lab. Komputer, hafalin do'a buat sholat jenazah, ada juga yang cuma ngobrol-ngobrol gak jelas gitu. He.

Temen-temen sekelas udah pada ngira kita semua bakal ujiannya waktu maghrib. Buset, lama bener nunggunya. Tapi ternyata gak seburuk yang kita kira kok. Kita semua masuk mushola sekitar jam 14.00 an. Trus ujiannya kelar semuanya sekitar jam 15.30 an. Sekali lagi aku bilang: YES! Alhamdulillaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh :-)

Abis itu temen-temen pada pulang. Kalo aku sih dari jam 10 pagi pengennya juga pulang! Tapi aku gak boleh langsung pulang, aku disuruh si ketua kelas kriboo tadi buat ikutan rapat buku tahunan, kata dia fotografernya mau dateng ke sekolah jam 16.00. Ya udah deh, aku nunggu tuh sampe fotografernya dateng. Untung yang ikut rapat sama fotografernya lumayan banyak, jadi ada temen buat ngobrol. Ya ampun dasar cewek, rasanya gak hidup aja kalo seharian enggak ngobrol sama sekali.

Setelah sekian lama menunggu, akhirnya fotografer itu dateng. Walaupun ada 3 temenku yang pulang waktu fotografernya dateng, tapi seengganya masih ada aku, si ketua kelas kribo, Ayu', Pandan, sama Arum (baca: Umar). Emmh, it's okeelah..

Daaaaaaaan mulailah rapatnya. Agak ngalor ngidul gak karuan sih awal mulanya, tapi lama-lama jadi ketemu hasilnya! Kebayang ngga sih rasanya kalo bikin rapat sama banyak anak trus kita semua nemuin hasil yang tepat dan bisa disetujui sama semua anak? Ah pasti gak kebayang deh. Gak asik Lo!

Jadi hasilnya itu: buku tahunan temanya kaya pesta-pestaan gitu (atau lebih tepatnya kondangan bareng-bareng) dan tempatnya antara UGM sama nyewa rumah omnya si kribo tadi. Kata si kribo, rumah omnya tuh gedeeeeeeeeeeeeeee banget, ada rumput-rumputannya (itu namanya taman dodol), kereta kencana, gazebo, pokoknya kaya istana deh! Ya udah, karena aku waktu itu udah males mikir, jadi aku iya-iya-in aja omongan-omongannya si kribo. Ha. Ha. (Maaf ya Bo kalo kamu baca ini. Ini semua curahan kata dan cerita dari lubuk hatiku yang paling dalam :">)

Terus, rapatnya selesai deh. Semuanya udah pada pulang, tinggal aku dan si kribo. Katanya si kribo sih, dia mau nungguin aku sampe aku dijemput, padahal waktu itu aku baru sms ibuku minta jemput && rumahku itu sekitar 20 menit. Masa' kata dia, dia mau nungguin sampe 20 menit? Ya Alloh, baik banget nih orang. Tapi akhirnya aku suruh dia pulang. Terus aku baru dijemput jam 17.30. Hu. Yeah.

Abis itu di rumah tepar deh. Biasa, nonton kejar tayang...

Udah ah, udah ngantuk nih, besok harus pake kebaya pula, harus bangun pagi biar berangkatnya gak keburu-buru. Buh-bye!

Sebagai tim buku tahunan IX D 2009/2010, Nana.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010


Looklet. Why do every times I open my page on this I do never succeed making my looks? HELL YOU! H-E-L-L!

It's almost over!

Yeyeye! At last, after fighted for several months, I did my national and final school exam! Oh My Almighty God, I'm truly so glad to have passed this 2 dying things :-----D

But, practical exam is waiting for me. Based on the schedule, tomorrow, Thursday, April 15th, 2010, is biology and Indonesian practical. Next day, Friday, April 16th, 2010 is time's for Javanese and information and communication technology practical. And Saturday? Monday? Tuesday? I forget it. You know, my brain is so lazy to remember 'bout this thingy -__-

Biology practical. I was reading the rules. I have to do a research with microscope and it has to been done on 10 minutes! Wow. What will I do in such a short time? Instead remember how to do that (because I've ever done it on 8th grade), I precisely may only stare on microscope, because I really forget how to do research using it.

Indonesian practical. I guess we will do some hearing, reading and writing.

Javanese practical. Do playing gamelan! I likeeeee it! I prefer to play gamelan than sing the macapat;s song (read: nembang jowo), such Gambuh song.

Information and communicaion technology practical. We will do some 'vloookup and hlookup' formulas. This one is also part of 8th grade's lessons. And I fully forget how to do those formulas if there's no teacher help reminding me. Unfortunately, in practical exam, there's NONE of the teachers would help me. Is it nice, huh?

Alright, beyond all of those matters, I will do my practical exam passionately! No matter how difficult is, I will stay doing my duties as 9th grade student :--)

Zing, zing, zing! Nana.

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Love Love Hearts ♥♥♥

1. Seven Days in Sunny June - Jamiroquai

This is my favourite musician at the moment. Jamiroquai is an acid jazz band. That's why I love them so much! And their song which is I like the most is Seven Days in Sunny June. You better to chech this video out:

2. Sunday Morning - Maroon 5

This song is --still-- 'bout in jazz. So simple but ear catching. I always listen to this --edgy-- song when I feel bored, exhausted, sad, lonely, even upset :0 This video can be as evidence: Love it! ♥

3. Gravity - Sara Bareilles

I'm surely was dropping my tears when I heard this song. So deep and make me fall in love ♥ Sara Bareilles voice's is so unique and she can bring her listeners to 'feel' this song. And her music, I like it indeed! Sometimes feels jazzy, pop, easy listening but she made it by her own way. She is a good singer. She is one of my favourite singer. Watch out this video's song!

Jazzy, Nana.