Saturday, 19 December 2009

Pawitikra Revolution!

Prodly presents


Pentas Seni bertajuk perdamaian yang dikemas untuk meningkatkan jiwa seni terutama di bidang musik untuk para remaja. Pentas Seni persembahan dari OSIS SMP N 5 YOGYAKARTA ini juga diselenggarakan untuk mempererat tali persaudaraan antar sekolah. Akan menghadirkan ENDANG SOEKAMTI, THE ALINE, DISPLAY, KIDS WONT DOWN, KIJIGAI, ILLEGAL MOTIVES, BOHEMIAN RHABSODY, WOODLAND, TABUNG, METRO dan beberapa Band-band serta kelompok dance pengisi dari berbagai Sekolah Menengah di DIY. Kamu semua bisa datang secara GRATISS -FREE TICKET- :]

Catat waktu, tanggal, dan tempatnya!
20 Desember 2009
Halaman Depan SMP N 5 Yogyakarta (Jalan Wardani 1 Yogyakarta)

Let's come, see, and enjoy!

Friday, 18 December 2009

Love Doesn't Have to Have?

Hell-o Bloggy! How are ya? Long time no see, share, and read!
Hmh ok, here I try tell you something. About my love-life. Not exactly about it, I just wanna share about who-is-my-love-sent-to. I do not know how to tell it and 'till now, there's no one could I believe in to keep this secret.


Yes, I call this is secret. Why? Because I'm too afraid if there's someone knows it. Oh, no! There's someone knows my love-life well. Should I tell you who is she? No, I don't, I think. Is it okay? Ohh, okay, let me call her, Bila (not her real name).
Why do 'till now I still can't trust everyone? Because this story is very secret. If you are asking me: "What's your biggest secret and you still keep it by yourself?" This one is the answer.
And, if there's somebody knows who-is-my-love-sent-to (exception, for Bila), furthermore she/he is the one who loves to tell gossip (what should I call them? In daily, we call them "tukang gosip"), there would be MANY BIG ISSUES or GOSSIPS or another about me.
Why do I think that so?

because, who-is-my-love-sent-to is the one who has a girlfriend. And he loves his girlfriend so badly. What will people say 'bout me when they know I love him so much?

it seems a very big dream. People will say "Oh My God! Does she doesn't realize, she is really not deal with him? He is tall, thin, "eksis", and yaaa, you can say he is a lil bit handsome, but no with Nana! Nana is: fat, short, nerd, and a passionate dreamer! Dull her!"

if He knows what-a-kind-of-feeling I have now and I send it to him, what will happen next? I guess he will get away from me. Nah, that's what I'm afraid for. Me and him seem a lil bit closer than before. We like to chat, though the topics were very not important, even I don't like the topics! But the most important of that is: The Closeness.

But, since I like him for the first time, I have already thought if I never may be his best friend (moreover girlfriend?). Because, our "genre" is different. He is one of "eksis" people, but I'm not. He loves to watch movie, but I;m not. He likes a luxurious lifestyle, but I’m not. He loves to spend his time to go out with his friends, but I’m not. Hmm, sorry, for this one, I’d love too, but not as much as him.
There are some things you should know: I’m happy enough when I see him from a distance. I’m happy enough when he says he will meet his girlfriend and they will watch movie together. I’m happy enough though I just see his smile. I’m happy enough when he just talk to me even for unimportant thing. I’m happy enough with all of it.

Is that what people say about “Love Doesn’t Have to Have?”
I do not know.

For who-is-my-love-sent-to, please don't surprise when you see this note. Haha, fool me. How could he know if he is the topic in this note? I did not say any kind of names, except Bila, rite?
Hope so.


p.s: if you don’t understand what is this post talking about, just ask me in your comments. Thank you.